Army LT Jonathan Rozier

Army LT Jonathan Rozier

KIA  July 19, 2003
Operation Iraqi Freedom

Assigned to  B Company, 2nd Battalion, 70th Armor Regiment ; 1st Armored Division, Fort Riley, Kansas


LT Jonathan Rozier was killed July 19, 2003 when his unit was ambushed in Baghdad. His unit was attacked by rocket-propelled grenades and small-arms fire outside a municipal building they had been tasked with guarding.

While growing up, Jonathan was the type of young man who spent time learning as much as he could – taking things apart to figure out how they worked before putting them back together again. At the age of 13 his family moved to Katy, Texas and he began homeschooling before enrolling in Texas A&M University. Jonathan always knew his calling was to serve in the military and easily decided to join the Corps of Cadets while completing his Bachelor’s degree in Economics.

After graduating from Texas A&M on December 15th, 2001 Jonathan took his service oath and was commissioned as a Second Lieutenant in the Army that same afternoon. Jonathan was a focused young man who knew exactly what he wanted, and wholeheartedly pursued it. In that regard, he married the only woman he ever dated three days after he took his oath, and their son, Justin, was born 10 months later at Fort Riley, KA.

Jonathan immediately began training in the Army to became a tanker, and during his first assignment he was made a platoon leader. Jonathan excelled in his role as a leader within the Army and readily put his men’s needs before his own. During his service Jonathan became one of only 15 military service members to be awarded the Bronze Star for Valor during Operation Iraqi Freedom.

“He was proud of who and where he was, and confident in his choice of profession. He loved the Army and even more so his chosen job as a tanker,” his wife, Jessica, said.  “He was a good man and I am confident he would have lived a good life if it hadn’t been cut short so soon.”



LT Rozier was 25 years old from Katy, Texas.


The original portrait was delivered January 20th, 2018 to his wife, Jessica, son, Justin, and family at the annual Texas Legends Military Appreciation Night, sponsored by Swypit and KVGI Radio.

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