Army SFC Jonathan Lowery

Army SFC Jonathan Lowery

KIA December 14, 2007
Operation Iraqi Freedom

Assigned to 3rd Squadron, 3rd Armored Cavalry Regiment, III Corps, Fort Hood, Texas

On December 14, 2007, SFC Jonathan Lowery was on foot patrol in Mosul, Iraq, when enemy forces attacked his unit using small-arms fire in which he sustained fatal wounds. SFC Lowery was on his second tour in Iraq, though he had also served in Desert Storm and was additionally deployed to Kosovo during their Civil War to help maintain the security and freedom of movement in the ethnically divided country. SFC Lowery served in the military for 19 years.

Jonathan was a native resident of the rural town, Houlton, Maine, near the Canadian border. Born and raised in the town of 6,500, Jonathan grew up the second youngest of six children. He was fond of hunting and fishing in his remote town. After graduating from high school, Jonathan served in the Maine National Guard, though he ultimately decided to enlist in the Regular Army. SFC Lowery went active duty during the start of Desert Storm and was stationed in Germany. His brother, Lawrence, said that his brother “was very well versed in combat … and he was a commanding presence. He was very proud of what he did in the military,” even earning himself the nickname “Gunny”.

Most recently, SFC Lowery worked as a Senior Drill Sergeant at Fort Still, Oklahoma, finally near his beloved sons, Sean and Dawson. In a letter written by Jonathan’s ex-wife, Marcy Hart, she revered the man she had married, and explained that “Jon’s passion was the military and he did it very well. He gave his all every time that he got a chance. He made many sacrifices in his life to defend the freedom of others. He was a loving and caring dad for his sons and they love him more than words can say. Jon would give anyone the shirt off his back if they needed it. He always worried about others first and himself last. He was an honorable man and his friends and family are very proud of him, his service, and his sacrifice. He will never be forgotten by those who love him so dearly. Sean and Dawson want their dad to know that even though their hearts are broken, they will grow up and use the things he taught them to make him proud, “We pick you, Daddy, to be our Guardian Angel.””

SFC Jonathan Lowery was 38 years old from Houlton, Maine.

Original portrait was delivered on November 25, 2009 to his sons, Sean and Dawson.

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