Army SGT James P. Muldoon

Army SGT James P. Muldoon

Died June 29, 2006
Operation Iraqi Freedom

Assigned to 1st Battalion, 68th Combined Arms Regiment, 3rd Heavy Brigade Combat Team, 4th Infantry Division, Fort Carson, Colorado

On June 29, 2006, SGT James Muldoon was tasked with leading a “stack” to enter and clear a house that had enemy combatants holed up inside; as he led his team up the stairs to the second floor, he was hit in the abdomen and leg. His platoon sergeant led a medic to him and they were able to transport him to a medical helicopter 4 miles away, but James died later that day.

A 2001 Bells High School graduate, James knew from an early age that he wanted to serve his country. He had enlisted in the Army Reserves before he had even graduated high school and had completed boot camp between his junior and senior years. Knowing that he was ready for the next step, he left for Advanced Individual Training the summer after he graduating. During his time at AIT, the Sept 11 Terrorist Attacks occurred, which reaffirmed his resolve to go in to military service, and led him to go in to Active Duty.

The 23-year-old quickly worked his way up within the Army and became an integral part of his unit. He often went the extra mile for his brothers-in-arms, going so far as to give the shirt off his back if they needed it. James was in his second tour to Iraq when he was killed and was supposed to be packing for his R&R visit home, but had traded with a fellow soldier whose child was to be born during the time. Having lost the chance to be home during the birth of his own child, James quickly offered to trade so that his soldier wouldn’t miss the things James had.

“He wanted nothing more in life than to be a good soldier, the kind that others looked up to, be a good father to his daughter Pyper, and a wonderful husband to me,” his wife, Ashlee Muldoon, said. “He was truly a great man and my word will never give him the honor he deserves. When he laughed, he laughed with his whole being. When he loved, he held nothing back. When he gave, he gave everything.”

James had plans to eventually retire from the Army and go to college to eventually become a football coach and math teacher at Bells High School. He loved his family more than anything and couldn’t wait to get home to them. Muldoon left behind his wife of 4 years, Ashlee, and his 2-year old daughter, Pyper, whom he had only seen for 9 months of her life.

Sgt. Muldoon was posthumously awarded the Bronze Star with Valor for his heroic actions during the battle that took his life.

SGT James Muldoon was 23 years old from Bells, Texas.

The original portrait was presented May 28, 2011 to his family during the Liberty Fest Memorial Day ceremonies held by the city of Farmers Branch, Texas.

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