Navy SO2 (SEAL) David J. Warsen

Navy SO2 (SEAL) David J. Warsen

KIA August 16, 2012
Operation Enduring Freedom

Assigned to a West Coast-based Naval Special Warfare Unit

Navy SEAL SO2 David Warsen died August 16, 2012 when his Black Hawk helicopter was shot down during a firefight with insurgents in Kandahar Province, Afghanistan. Also killed were Navy SO1 (SEAL) Patrick Feeks, Navy EOD1 Sean Carson, Army CWO3 Brian Hornsby, Army WO2 Suresh Krause, Army SGT Richard Essex, Army SGT Luis Oliver Galbreath.

David was born July 1, 1985 in Grand Rapids, Michigan. He was the eldest of four brothers, whom he always loved and protected. According to those closest to him, David was a friend to all; always bringing family and friends together. All you needed to do was meet him to understand his genuine, kind and loving personality. David was full of fun and mischief and could make everyone around him smile with ease. He graduated from East Kentwood High School in 2004, where he had focused all of his attention and athleticism into soccer. He went on to continue his education and play soccer at Davenport University and Aquinas College. David was extraordinarily athletic and thrived at any sport he tried. He loved playing pick-up basketball, camping, lifting weights, and fishing on his Uncle John’s boat. David was known as a ‘beast of a man’ with a loving heart.

David enlisted in the Navy in 2009 and graduated from Basic Underwater Demolition/SEAL School on March 26, 2010 with Class 279. He was then assigned to a West Coast based SEAL team in October 2010, which is where he met his fiancée, Karlyn Deveau, who he planned to marry in December of 2012. In December 2011, he deployed to Afghanistan in support of Operation Enduring Freedom.

SO2 David Warsen was 27 years old from Kentwood, Michigan

Original portrait was presented June 27, 2015 to his family during a special memorial event hosted by the Grand Rapids Freedom Cruise held annually in Grand Rapids, Michigan.


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