How Do I request a portrait?

Portrait requests may be submitted through this website. Please visit the Request A Portrait page for a request form.

Can a portrait of any service member or veteran be requested?

The American Fallen Soldiers Project paints primarily service members who have been killed while serving active duty in the Iraq and Afghanistan wars. Fallen heroes killed while serving active duty in other wars/conflicts are also accepted. Please contact us if you have additional questions.

How long until my request is completed?

Phil spends a great deal of time on each fallen hero’s portrait, getting to know their story and the family in order to produce the highest quality portrait. With a maximum of 40 portraits and presentations provided each year, our current backlog is significant. Please submit your application with this in mind, but also know that we will do everything possible to provide your portrait to your family as quickly as possible.

Who can request a portrait?

Portrait applications may be submitted by the immediate family of an American military serviceman who has died while serving during active duty during the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, as well as previous American conflicts.

Can portrait requests be denied?

Portrait requests may be denied or delayed if the photograph quality does not meet our criteria. We are unable to paint from low quality photos. If you are unsure of the quality, please complete the application with your photos attached and we will notify you if we need additional pictures.

Who can receive the original portrait?

The original portrait is reserved specifically for the immediate family. Canvas reproductions and photo prints of the original may be made available for comrades, friends, dedications, memorials, etc.

Why do I need to provide multiple pictures?

Multiple pictures allows the artist an opportunity to see facial expressions and personality. If you have favorite photos let us know, however; the artist will choose the photo to be used for the portrait.

How do I select the best photo of my hero to send?

The artist needs to see clear, crisp, and up-close photos of the face and eyes. Please send photos that have been scanned at 300 dpi or higher.

Images submitted do not have to be of your hero in military dress, but rather should be photos that show his features, smile, or a favorite expression.

Your photos do not have to be of your hero individually, but can be of him with multiple people. If the resolution is high enough, we are able to enlarge the image of your loved one from any photo.

In most cases we cannot remove goggles, hats, glasses, etc. as this may distort the final portrait result.

What if I don’t have digital pictures, only prints?

If you have double prints you can send the second copy. Prints WILL NOT be returned. Prints can also be scanned at 300 dpi or higher and saved as a .jpeg or .tiff file. Photo labs at local drug stores, Walmart, or Target stores should be able to assist you with scanning and saving to a digital file.

Is it possible to surprise a family with a portrait?

We discourage surprise portrait presentations. The process of preparing and painting the portrait creates a very close tie between the artist and the family and is essential in creating an accurate depiction of their loved one. The experience of receiving the portrait is very emotional and we have found that it is best for the recipients to be involved in the whole process.

What medium does Phil use to paint?

Portraits are primarily done using water-based acrylic paint. Occasionally, a portrait may be done with oil-based paint.

What is the finished size of a portrait?

Each original portrait is provided framed and ready to hang at a finished size of approximately 31” x 37”. The original portrait image is approximately 24” x 30 “.

Do I get to select the type of frame for my portrait?

No. Each portrait is framed in an elegant yet simple black frame that will compliment most décor.

How do I request additional copies or prints of my portrait?

Immediate family members may contact us for additional reproductions and prints for comrades, friends, dedications, memorials, etc.

Does Phil paint commission pieces or only portraits of the fallen?

Due to the requests from families and the artist’s personal commitment to serve those families, at this time Phil only paints portraits of our fallen heroes.

How long does it take Phil to paint the actual portrait?

Phil spends approximately 60-120 hours painting each portrait.

How much does it cost to produce a portrait?

Portraits are presented at no cost to families. Additional prints are available by request for a lifetime at no cost to the family. Please visit the Donate page for information on becoming a Portrait Presentation Sponsor.

Can my portrait be presented in the privacy of my home or does it have to be a public presentation?

Portraits may be presented in private or during public events. We will discuss options with the family at the appropriate time.