Marine Cpl Barton Humlhanz

Marine Cpl Barton Humlhanz

KIA August 26, 2004
Operation Iraqi Freedom

Assigned to Marine Expeditionary Unit Service Support Group 24, 24th MEU, Camp Lejeune, North Carolina

While conducting security combat operations in Babil Province, Cpl Barton Humlhanz’s unit was hit by an improvised explosive device detonation. After being medevac’d to the 31st Combat Support Hospital, he died of shrapnel wounds only 2 hours after the attack. Cpl Humlhanz was a field military policeman who had received two promotions during his short two years in the Marine Corps.

Barton, nicknamed Bart or BR by his family, was born in February of 1981 and from an early age knew he wanted to serve his country. At only 17 years old, Bart joined the military with a delayed entry contract in the hopes of becoming a Military Policeman. However after two contracts fell through on this assignment, he decided to get a job instead. In the wake of the events of the 9/11 terrorist attack, Bart felt compelled to enlist once again. He called his mom in November of 2001, to share the news he would be shipping out in just 3 weeks.

“Bart told everyone that joining the United States Marine Corps was the best thing he had ever done and he was very proud, as were all of us,” his mom, Michele Carey, said.

As a young Marine, Bart gave everything he had to every task in front of him – from training objectives to being a good friend, Bart was always “all-in.” Bart had a large heart, and treated everyone as if they were family. His loved ones mourn the loss of what they say was a true patriot and the most caring friend.

“He was kind, generous, funny and helpful. Don and I miss our son’s smile, laugh, hugs and generosity to family and others,” Michele said. “Whenever Bart was home visiting or on the phone, we always told him “We love you, we miss you and are proud of you!” That is true forever and always.”

Cpl Barton Humlhanz was 23 years old from Hellertown, Pennsylvania.

Original portrait was presented May 30th, 2017 to his mother and stepfather at a special event hosted by BD in New Jersey.

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