Marine Cpl Jeremy Allbaugh

Marine Cpl Jeremy Allbaugh

KIA July 5, 2007
Operation Iraqi Freedom

Assigned to 1st Battalion, 4th Marine Regiment, 1st Marine Division, I Marine Expeditionary Force, Camp Pendleton, California

On July 5th, 2007, while serving in a Personal Security Detachment platoon charged with escorting a Lt. Col, Allbaugh was riding in the lead Humvee on a mission near the Syrian border. As the Humvee drove over a pot hole, the rear tire detonated an IED causing the explosion that took Cpl Allbaugh’s life.

Jeremy loved life, and spent his time brightening the lives of those around him. “He had an infectious laugh and smile. He was a little bit of a clown, because he liked to make people laugh,” his mom, Jenifer Allbaugh, said. “Jeremy was a fun loving, live life to the fullest young man.”

While growing up, he spent time playing basketball, fishing, and lifting weights, but never lost sight of his dream – to serve his country. From an early age, Jeremy knew he wanted to serve in the military, wearing fatigues and camo any chance he got. At only 17 years old, with the permission of his parents, Jeremy enlisted in to the Marines to begin living his dream.

In his unique role with the Marine Corps, Jeremy got to interact with Iraqi citizens who were thankful for the work they were doing; his interactions with the locals continued to fuel his desire to make a difference in his service. Knowing the importance of the job they were tasked with, Cpl Allbaugh never shied from the hard work, always putting in the extra effort to do his duty. “He loved what he did. He believed in what he did. And he believed in what we were doing overseas,” Jenifer said. “He wasn’t afraid to die for this country.”

Although he lived a short life, his family and friends say that he lived a very full one; he spent every day committed to his role in Iraq and in the Marines. “It was his calling. It was what he wanted to do with the rest of his life,” Jason Allbaugh, his brother, said.

Cpl Allbaugh was 21 years old from Luther, Oklahoma.

Original portrait was delivered at The National Gallery in Addison, Texas in a special presentation presented by Vizient to his mother, Jenifer Allbaugh, and his family.

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