Marine Cpl. Timothy Roos

Marine Cpl. Timothy Roos

KIA July 27, 2006
Operation Iraqi Freedom

Assigned to 3rd Battalion, 8th Marine Regiment, 2nd Marine Division, II Marine Expeditionary Force, Camp Lejeune, North Carolina

Died July 27, 2006 along with two fellow soldiers when their Humvee was destroyed by an IED during combat operations near Ramadi, Iraq.

Tim Roos had dreamed of being a Marine since he was a small boy. Tim’s father, Rick Roos, had served as a Marine during Vietnam. “Tim always had my old uniforms on, and he always said he was going to be a Marine when he grew up.” In high school Tim served as Commander of his ROTC unit and after graduating in 2003, enlisted in the Marines.

As a new Marine in 2004, Roos went to Haiti during a time of political unrest as part of an American deployment. The following year he went to Iraq, where twice he came under fire. And, after a mere seven months of being back in the United States, he was deployed for the third time in March 2006. In late May he stared death in the face once again when the Humvee he was in ran over an IED. “The explosion shattered all the glass on the vehicle, popped all four doors open and sent shrapnel ripping through the engine,” Roos was quoted as saying in the Marine Corps News. “It’s scary, and if you are not scared, there is something wrong with you…But it is our job, so you’ve got to do it.” All troops survived that attack, but Roos was killed just a few weeks later in an eerily similar incident.

Cpl. Timothy Roos was 21 years old from Delhi, Ohio

Original portrait was presented July 24, 2009 to Tim’s parents, brother and extended family during a special memorial event hosted by the Delhi Veterans Association in Delhi, Ohio, a suburb of Cincinnati.

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