Marine Lance Cpl. Phillip C. George

Marine Lance Cpl. Phillip C. George

KIA August 18, 2005
Operation Enduring Freedom

Assigned to 2nd Battalion, 3rd Marine Regiment,  III Marine Expeditionary Force, Kaneohe Bay, Hawaii

Marine LCpl. Phillip George died August 18, 2005, from enemy small arms fire while conducting combat operations near Taleban, Afghanistan. He had been stationed with the 2nd Battalion in eastern Afghanistan since late May. His unit was stationed about five miles from the Pakistan border.

Phillip was a 2000 graduate of Clear Lake Christian School in southeast Houston, and had been an active member of Alta Vista Baptist Church in Pasadena. A Marine since 2002, Phillip George’s last visit to Pasadena was in April.

“We are very proud of Phillip. We feel that he is a hero and that he died doing exactly what he wanted to do, and what God called him to do,” said his mother, Penny George. “At least I can say that Phillip was a hero.” His father, Carson George, a Vietnam veteran working for KBR-Halliburton in Iraq, flew to Germany to accompany his son’s body home. “He loved being a Marine,” Phillip’s sister, Sara George said. “This was exactly what he wanted to do. He was also a dedicated Christian. He was serving both God and Country.” Sara said that Phillip “had close friends in the military, and they were all like family. He was, in a way, a little bit shy. But he was the strongest person I’ve ever known. He stood up for what he believed in. He wasn’t swayed by other people.”

The George family had just sent a package to Phillip and three other boxes to his Marine platoon.

“This is really hard on my Mom, as well as my Dad,” she said. “Phillip had carpentry skills, and he worked on construction and remodeling with my Dad, We are just glad that he is going to be able to escort him home.”

In addition to his older brother Aaron, George is survived by his maternal grandparents, Elsie and Herman Singleton.

LCpl. Phillip George was 22 years old from Houston, Texas

Original portrait was presented April 2008 to his parents, Carson & Penny George.

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