Marine LCpl Roger Dale Castleberry Jr.

Marine LCpl Roger Dale Castleberry Jr.

KIA August 1, 2005
Operation Iraqi Freedom

Assigned to 4th Reconnaissance Battalion, 4th Marine Division, Marine Forces Reserve, San Antonio, Texas

While conducting dismounted patrol operations outside Haditha, Iraq, LCpl Castleberry’s unit was ambushed and overpowered by a large number of insurgents in a small arms fire-fight. Roger, along with the five remaining members of his unit, Sgt David Coullard, Sgt Nathaniel Rock, LCpl Jeffrey Boskovitch, LCpl Daniel Deyarmin Jr., and LCpl Brian Montgomery were killed.

From an early age, LCpl Castleberry knew he wanted to serve as a Marine. In grade school, he often wore one of his many camouflage outfits, trying to play the part; his dad often had to tell the school that he was wearing clean clothes – he just had that many camouflage outfits; he even transferred to Round Rock High School his sophomore year in order to participate in the Marines ROTC Program that they offered there.

“He always wanted to be in the military,” his sister, Heather Kilpatrick said of Roger. “He was a G.I. Joe fanatic. Even when it went out of style, he would go all over town to shop for camouflage.”

His desire to help others allowed him to make a difference in many aspects of his life. As a child “if you were quiet, he would always put a hand on your back and give you a rub and ask if you needed anything,” Debbie Castleberry, his stepmother, said.

LCpl Castleberry is also remembered for his kind heart, his love of dominoes and cards and his athleticism in a swimming pool.  The Purple Heart recipient’s legacy lives on in his family he left behind, including his wife, Lauren Castleberry, his father, Roger Dale Castleberry Sr., step mother Debbie, and his siblings; Cobi, Don and Heather.

LCpl Roger Castleberry Jr. was 26 years old from Austin, Texas.

The original portrait was delivered to his family in November 2007.

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