Navy SO2 (SEAL) Joseph

Navy SO2 (SEAL) Joseph “Clark” Schwedler

KIA April 6, 2007
Operation Iraqi Freedom

Assigned to an East Coast based SEAL Team,Virginia Beach, Virginia

On April 6, 2007 while on an assault mission of a home occupied with terrorists involved in the recent takedown of a Marine Medivac helicopter, Schwedler took enemy fire and was killed in action. Two other SEALS were injured during the attack, and one Iraqi soldier involved in the joint operation was killed.

After graduating from Crystal Falls Forest Park High School in 1997, Clark attended Michigan State University before enlisting in the Navy in 2002. He completed basic training at the Great Lakes Naval Station and continued on to San Diego where he graduated from BUD/S training before being assigned to SEAL Team FOUR.

Clark’s “give-it-all” attitude, strong work ethic and dedication to finish any task set before him, helped propel him to be one of the top junior enlisted of his command. Not only did he constantly seek ways to improve himself, but tirelessly worked to provide the same opportunities to his teammates. Between October 2006 and April 2007, he took part in 108 combat missions, leading his team through his commitment and determination. Clark’s teammates remember him for the SEAL that set the example for all his SEAL brothers.

“He was a great warrior, teammate and friend to so many of us in the Naval Special Warfare community, and his spirit and sacrifice will live on in each of us as we continue to fight the global war on terrorism,” The Commodore of Naval Special Warfare Group TWO said. “Petty Officer Schwedler lived by the SEAL code, and time and again his actions in training and on the battlefield embodied the physical agility and mental toughness that characterizes the best of Naval Special Warfare. He will surely be missed and certainly not forgotten.”

SO2 Schwedler was 27 years old from Crystal Falls, Michigan.

Original portrait was presented to his mother and family at a special event hosted by Honor Our Marines at Marine Base Hawaii.


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