Navy CTT1 Steven P. Daugherty

Navy CTT1 Steven P. Daugherty

KIA July 6, 2007
Operation Iraqi Freedom

Assigned to an East Coast-based SEAL team

Died July 6, 2007 in Baghdad, Iraq when a I.E.D. exploded under the Humvee in which he was riding. Also killed were MC1 Robert R. McRill and SO1 (SEAL) Jason D. Lewis. Steven worked with elite Navy SEAL teams by providing critical intelligence support to troops on the ground.

Steven Daugherty was raised in Barstow, California. After graduating from Barstow High School, he attended the local community college where he earned his Associates degree. He then made the decision to join the Navy with the aim of raising additional funds for college, seeing the world and gaining some valuable life experience. After his initial training he served in a wide variety of operational and intelligence related duties both at sea and at shore installations, culminating with his assignment in 2002 to Navy Information Operations Command Norfolk and deploying with a Navy SEAL team operating in Iraq.

In joining the service he followed in the footsteps of his two brothers and sister in serving his country as a member of the United States military. “He wanted to see the world and he did,” said his mother, Lydia Daugherty. “He loved the Navy. He loved everything about it. He was just proud to do his job.”

Cryptologist Technician (Tactical) 1st Class Steven Daugherty was 28 years old from Barstow, California

Original portrait was presented February 20, 2014 to his parents during a special event in Los Angeles, California, hosted by Fleetwood-Fibre Packaging

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