Artist Phil Taylor spends a great deal of time on each fallen hero’s portrait, getting to know their story and the family in order to produce the highest quality portrait we can offer. With a maximum of 40 portraits and presentations provided each year, our current backlog is significant. Please submit your application with this in mind.

We realize this is a very intimate process so please know that all information you provide is confidential and never shared with anyone outside our organization. This simple application provides us the information we need to serve you to the best of our ability. Below are a few important points before beginning:

  1. Portrait applications may be submitted by the immediate family or a family representative.
  2. The original portrait is provided to immediate family members only; ie. parent, child or spouse of the fallen service member. Canvas reproductions and photo prints are available for comrades, friends, dedications, memorials, etc. To order additional prints CLICK HERE
  3. Applications submitted via the internet are preferred, but if you would rather mail your application CLICK HERE
  4. Your portrait application being accepted depends very heavily on the quality of photographs submitted. We are unable to paint from low quality photos. If you are unsure of the quality we recommend completing the application with your photos attached and we will notify you if we are unable to proceed with the photos provided.
  5. Carefully review your application before submitting. Incomplete or incorrect information will delay or may disqualify your application.
  6. The acceptance of your portrait application is based on the guidelines listed, as well as the funding limitations of our organization.
  7. If you have additional questions about the portrait application process CLICK HERE